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Orchha Tourism

Orchha village on the bank of river Betwa amidst dense forest belt in Madhya Pradesh comes under Tikamgarh district. The town was developed by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in the year 1501. The region is called Bundelkhand. The place is famous for architecture of palaces and temples; the domes, pillars, ledges, brackets, arches of the fort and palaces are based on different architecture style. Mural paintings of the region are well known. The best season to visit the place is between October and March.

The seasonal island formed by river Betwa is surrounded by wall housing palace fort inside it. The places of interest are the fort, Jahangir Mahal, Raj Mahal, rai Praveen Mahal, Ram Raja Mandir, Lakshminarayan temple, fort complex, Phool Bagh, Sunder Mahal, and 14 cenotaphs.

The market is not very big but there are many small shops selling souvenirs, beaded jewelry, handicraft, gemstones etc and is very popular with the tourists. Bargaining is the custom and price is fixed after deliberation.

There are several big and small restaurants that serve food; western food and snacks like pasta, cakes are easily available. One can while away time here reading and enjoying coffee. Indian food is easily available. Chinese and Continental food is also served here. The fresh raw material gives taste to the culinary items served.

The closest airport is at Gwalior 101 km away. The train and road network is well laid out. It is close to Khajuraho. Tourists can easily reach this place from Agra, Delhi and Gwalior. Taxis auto-rickshaws ply on this route from railway station and bus terminal. The cost is affordable. Orchha station is small and some trains stop here. Buses and taxis are easily available and the cost is not much.