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A Memorable Visit to the City of Love - Agra

India has been the charm of a large number of Indian and foreign visitors due to having various precious cities having emblem of its vast history. Agra is known as one of the finest city of Uttar Pradesh which is mainly famous for the great monuments, symbol of love, and the ancient heritage of the country that is undoubtedly “Taj Mahal”. Agra city is situated at sufficient distance from various popular cities like Delhi, Jaipur and Matura etc.

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Visit to Agra?

This amazingly built monument is one of seven wonders of the universe. Only to visit this symbol of love numerous people from far and wide come to get to feel the touch of true love of Mughal Emperor Shahjahan and her begum Mumtaaz Mahal during 1628 to 1658. Due to this reason Agra is represented as symbol of romance as well. The city is visited at very affordable price through north India tours.

Shahjahan assigned more than 20,000 people to build this excellent building. It is completely made of white pure marbles and the art that is drawn on walls is of excellent level. The graveyard of Mumtaaz is fabricated inside the monuments where a person easily can see extreme affection towards his life partner.

Forts in Agra:-

Agra fort was built by an emperor Akbar in year of 1565 which is situated in an area of 56 acres at the bank of Yamuna. You can see various other forts with affordable prices in north India tour packages. Generally Moti masjid, Diwane-E-Aam, Diwani-E-Khas and Musanman Burj are those few forts that are visited during the tour. All these forts consist of a secret in its history that opens while the actual visit. One interesting fact about Musanman Burj is that Shah Jahan took his last breaths of the life and lost forever. Beside this Sikandra fort is another symbol of royal lifestyle of emperors.

Celebration of cultural festivals:-

Various festivals are held in this beautiful cities to enhance the enjoy of visiting people. You can celebrate a huge festival of the city which known as Taj Mahotsav. This festival is considered as eye grabbing festivals of the place. If you like to visit in fairs then you can go with Kailash fair, Bateshwar fair and can enjoy a lot.

You can purchase various beautiful obsessions from the popular market of the city and can enjoy delicious edible of the locality during the stay in Agra. A visit to Agra may force you to be fall in love with the entire qualities and can bring extreme love in your life as well.